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Exhibition Schedule 2019

May 24 - June 12
Catherine Meeks, Lisa Molyneux and Jane Manco

Catherine Meeks returns to Larkin Gallery this season with her rich palette and masterful strokes. Meeks explains: Usually I paint the beautiful and ever-changing New England landscape, but my love of travel provides me with an expanding range of possibilities. Meeks’ work also includes an impressive representation of French and Italian land and city scapes.
Lisa Molyneux, a former professional theatrical set designer has been a full time painter for several years, focusing primarily on rich, atmospheric landscapes, often exploring the depths of color and nuances of light in “wet” landscapes: swamps, moors, ponds, rivers, ocean, lakes and other “misty” settings. Molyneux has also become rather famous for her more light-hearted, popularly collected “full-figured” female nude and nude “Bear” paintings. 
Jane Manco, an immensely gifted artist whose range runs the gamut from landscapes to Still Life and now, following an intensive study at the Florence Academy of Art US, figural painting. Manco's work is always eagerly anticipated and highly collected.
Opening Reception 7pm May 24

June 14 - June 25
Matthew Bielen
Matthew Bielen burst onto the local art scene with his impressive and commanding abstracts and returns to Larkin Gallery for the 2019 season. Bielen’s abstract painting and mixed media and collages juxtapose the human experience with natural and often nautical elements resulting in a fascinating journey for the viewer’s eyes and mind. 
Opening Reception 7pm June 14

June 28 - July 10
Matthias Christensen
Matthias Christensen returns for another exciting season with brilliant new work that excites the senses and challenges the viewer to expand the imagination. His paintings are in collections all over the United States and are hotly collected. Matthias’ subject matter runs from portraiture to local and Cape Cod land and seascapes, music and musicians, animals and fantasy.
Opening Reception 7pm June 28 

July 12 - July 23
Robin Wessman
Robin Wessman returns for a third season with new work that challenges the eye, mind and lifts the spirit. Wessman juxtaposes everyday items and places them in surprising settings resulting in a joyful expression rich with humor. Wessman’s mastery of painting is as strong as his subject matter. His work is highly prized and in collections throughout the country. 
Opening Reception 7pm July 12

Elisabeth Pearl
July 26 - August 6
Provincetown Artist Elisabeth Pearl once again astonishes with her latest collection, a selection of Boston scenes, including people, places, cars, architecture all in Elisabeth's unique signature style.
Opening Reception 7pm July 26

August 9 - August 20
Mario Torroella
Cuban-born Artist, Mario Torroella returns to Larkin Gallery this summer with a fresh collection of vibrant, brilliantly-hued paintings focusing on sea creatures using a vibrant Caribbean palette. 
Torroella’s painting draws on his rich history as a child in Cuba, his work as an architect and a rich trove of dream interpretations.
Opening Reception 7pm August 9

August 23 - September 4
Kenneth Hawkey
Local Artist Kenneth Hawkey is well known for his soulful, soaring decpictions of Cape Cod skies. Hawkey’s realistic approach marries a deep respect for history and architecture with a transcendent and nearly tactile human experience evoking memory and imagination juxtaposed with a deep respect for and appreciation of natural elements of earth, water and sky. Hawkey’s work hangs in collections in the US, Europe, Canada and the United Kingdom.
Opening Reception 7pm August 23

September 6 - September 17
Tighe Hanson
Harwich Artist Tighe Hanson's unique style and approach creates a lasting impression. With work that transcends Abstract 
Realism, Hanson's work takes us to another plane, confuses the senses and blasts us with images and colors that make our eyes and minds work overtime.
Opening Reception 7pm September 6

September 20 - October 2
Neva Hansen
Provincetown Artist Neva Hansen has been a main attraction at Larkin Gallery for years and her work, ranging from paintings to constructions to block prints and mixed media, is distinctive and readily identifiable as her own. With mid-Century influences and references recognizable from myth, astronomy, literature and Native American history and symbolism, Hansen’s work always surprises and challenges. Hansen’s work is included in numerous public and private collections and has appeared in countless exhibitions, museums and galleries.
Opening Reception 7pm September 20

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