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Larkin Gallery Exhibition Schedule 2017

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May 26 – June 7
Catherine Meeks and Lisa Molyneux
Catherine Meeks, who paints in oils and works also in pastels, has a mastery of composition and technique that results in exquisite renderings of her subject matter, influenced by her love of the Cape, New England, Italy and France. Lisa Molyneux, a Larkin gallery favorite, paints atmospheric landscapes and waterscapes as well as some more whimsical and fun subjects rendered with humor as well as immense talent.
Opening Reception on Friday evening May 26 at 7pm
June 9 – June 21
Jason Eldredge and Tighe Hanson
Jason Eldredge’s distinctive, brilliant palette and energetic style whip the viewer into flights not just of fancy but joyful release. Jason’s unique and motion-driven take on life in contemporary, easily recognized settings delights. Tighe Hanson’s multi-layered approach interpretation of the world as we know it makes us see things we wouldn’t necessarily associate with the subject or expect to see in relation to the everyday.
Opening Reception Friday June 9 at 7pm
June 23 – June 28
Jaime Elkins
New to Larkin Gallery, Jaime Elkins brings us her rich, fascinating work, often larger than life featuring subjects ranging from barnyard animals to intergalactic objects all in richly rendered oils. Opening Reception Friday June 23 at 7pm
MATTHIAS Christensen

June 30 – July 12
MATTHIAS’ unique take on life, Cape Cod, pets, music, people and fun and captured the imagination of art lovers across the country. Highly collected, Matthias’ boldness with color will wake you, cheer you and amaze you. His love of music, the surf and sea will captivate your imagination.
Opening Reception Friday June 30 at 7pm
July 14 – July 26

Elisabeth Pearl and Jane Manco
Well known and highly collected Provincetown Artist Elisabeth Pearl brings a wonderful collection of Small Works to Larkin Gallery this season. Broadly talented, Elisabeth Pearl’s work always engages, excites and fascinates. Jane Manco’s painterly style transcends time making her work timeless both in subject and style. Highly collected, Jane Manco’s paintings will become family treasures for generations.
Opening Reception Friday July 14 at 7pm

Matthew Bielen
July 28 – August 2
Matthew Bielen’s Contemporary Abstract paintings use color and motion to express intense emotions, from joy to despair. This is Matthew Bielen’s first solo show at Larkin and his work has already been in high demand.
Opening Reception Friday July 28 at 7pm

Mario Torroello
August 4 – August 16
Larkin Gallery is thrilled to welcome Cuban-born artist Mario Torroello this season. “Expression and feeling is what my art is about.” Coming from an island the natural beauty and brilliant color are played against profound emotional and political turmoil has given immense power and drama to
Torroello’s inspired work.
Opening Reception Friday August 4 at 7pm

August 18 – September 6
One of the highlights of the season, KENNETH HAWKEY’S August exhibit always draws a lot of attention. This year’s new work reaches a new level with Hawkey’s latest. Richly rendered landscapes and architectural paintings many of which feature the skies that one collector described as, “the skies that only God and Kenneth can make.”
Opening Reception Friday August 18 at 7pm
Closing Reception Friday September 1, 2017 at 7pm

Neva Hansen
September 8 – September 20
Neva Hansen’s work shines among the best examples of mid and late 20th century art and she continues to challenge herself and other artists to think outside of their comfort zones and stretch not just the confines of the traditional bounds of recognized art forms but the very concepts of art through intellect, design, construction and aesthetics. Hansen’s impressive range extends from wood block prints to watercolors to constructions, sculpture, more traditional canvas paintings, watercolors, assemblage and mixed media most often to surprising and enlightening effect. Please meet Neva Hansen at the
Opening Reception on Friday September 8 at 7pm