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                  Adam Bruce Wentworth       

"Whether examining the individual or the impact of media, celebrity, advertising and politics on the collective psyche, my work seeks to come to an understanding with our traditions, motivations and the façades we project. How can conflicting elements of humanity be reconciled? My work takes its inspiration from this question. All information is taken in, processed and restructured, the resulting images reveal the by-products of their original components, looking beneath the surface of what we are told and what we are sold.

Various techniques are employed to express these concepts, some work focuses heavily on the photographic image, using silkscreen printing or photo collage, while other works rely exclusively on the raw, organic qualities of oil paint. By alternating styles, the work is kept fresh, each piece informing the next through shared ideas and color schemes. This approach creates a unique texture for the eye as the body of work is observed as a whole, while allowing enough room to be free of the restrictions of labels or definitions. " ABW
Opening July 12 
in Provincetown    
MESCALINE, 11x14. spray paint acrylic on canvas
WORLD'S WILDEST POLICE CHASES, 18x24, oil on canvas
THE DADDY OF ROCK AND ROLL, 20x24, oil mixed media on canvas
PORTRAIT OF D. BOON, 18x24, oil mixed media on canvas
DANIEL JOHNSTON, 16x20,  oil mixed media on canvas
SODA POP, 18x24, oil mixed media on canvas
FOLLOWING THE BLIND, 16x20, oil on canvas
WOULD YOU LOOK AT THE TIME, 24x36, oil on canvas
SPEAKING IN TONGUES, 24x30, oil mixed media on canvas
Larkin Gallery is pleased to welcome back Brewster Artist Adam Bruce Wentworth this season with new, evocative work that explores the conflicts and the relationships between the human experience and the demands of the rapidly evolving technological world and how our psyches respond to those changes. Who are we at our core? Are we simply our collective histories rubbing up against the digital age? Explore the facades that Wentworth presents and look deeply; you may find a version of yourself.

(Artist John Robb is also presenting new work during this same time period)