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HomeArtistsExhibition ScheduleArchivesDirector's NotesEdith Lake Wilkinson

Selected Past Exhibits: 2011-Present
Opening night for MATTHIAS Christensen in July.
Edith Lake Wilkinson Opening Night with Jane Anderson, Speaker.
Tighe Hanson speaking with some collectors.
An opening on a warm October eve.
Kenneth Hawkey Exhibit "Provincetown Gables."
Joan Barron speaking with some visitors.
Trees Exhibit, Gallery Artists, 2021
Reds Exhibit, Gallery Artists, 2021
White Line Invitational, 2012
Neva Hansen Retrospective, 2014
Kenneth Hawkey, 2011
Street Level Series
Robin Wessman, 2018
Still Lifes with a Twist
Mario Torroella, 2018
Fruits and Sea Creatures
Lisa Molyneux, 2014
Constance Black, 2015 Watercolors
Matthias Christensen, 2019 Provincetown
Lauren Wolk, 2016
Benefit for Rise and Shine
Elisabeth Pearl, 2015
Cosmic Series
Edith Lake Wilkinson's Return, 2013
"Packed in a Trunk"

Tighe Hanson, 2017
New Work

Kenneth Hawkey, 2021
Work from the COVID Era

Robin Wessman, 2019
Live Still Lifes
Byrne Marston, 2016
Local Scenes in Oil and Watercolor
Julien Havard, 2012
Straight from Broadway
Catherine Meeks, 2016
Work from Europe
Matthias Christensen, 2015
Surfing and Music
Jason Eldredge, 2017
Jane Manco, 2016
Still Lifes
March Group Show 2022
Gallery Artists
Jason Eldredge, 2016
Turning Corners Exhibit
Elisabeth Pearl , 2018
Beneath the Surface Series