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HomeArtistsExhibition ScheduleArchivesDirector's NotesEdith Lake Wilkinson

Exhibition Schedule 2022

JUNE 5 - JUNE 16
Highlights these weeks include the 
Small Works Corner and a mixed
selection of work by Gallery Artists. 
Featured exhibits begin on June 17!

 Catherine Meeks
Nancy McCarthy

In Catherine Meek's landscapes, she has replicated her vision of new discovery, new places and new attitudes with work on wood, canvas and paper. This work of woodlands, embankments and meadows reflect a natural spontinaiety in her captures of line, form and color. Catherine has been with Larkin Gallery for many years exhibiting a host of work in many diciplines, but always with that signaturue Catherine Meeks element.

Nancy McCarthy paints both from imagination and observation. She manipulates basic color theories with a no rules approach to make color energize her work and make it say what she wants it to say. She has taught drawing and painting and color courses at Massachusetts College of Design for many years, and at other schools and venues including Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill and in 2022, The Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown. This is her first exhibit at Larkin Gallery!

Adam Bruce Wentworth
Adam Bruce Wentworth's exhibit features oils, cyanotypes and mixed media pieces created with striking themes. "Whether examining the individual or the impact of media, celebrity, advertising and politics on the collective psyche, my work seeks to come to an understanding with our traditions, motivations and the façades we project."

JULY 8 - JULY 13
Tighe Hanson
Tighe Hanson's painting process most often involves breaking down the canvas into visual squares, whether it be six by six inches or a large forty by forty inch piece. He paints square by square. Each square is an abstraction resolving into the total, mostly realistic image. There is a contrast between the systematized squares and the looseness of the painting... 

JULY 15 - JULY 27
Neva Hansen
​Beyond the basic mechanics of her work, some of which suggest complex engineering capabilities, Neva Hansen’s work has been influenced by art through history and profoundly informed by literature, myth, history - ancient and modern - the mysteries of the solar system as well as a finely tuned, beautifully articulated inner voice that all combines to bring life to an amazingly well developed, keen imagination.

MATTHIAS Christensen
Mario Torroella

Matthias Christensen, born in Copenhagen, moved to Cape Cod at an early age. He attended Massachusetts College of Art and Design and graduated with a degree in illustration. Matthias took the disciplined image making and technical skill from Illustration to pursue fine art painting. Drawing influences from impressionism to modernism he uses hard edge shapes of color to describe and create form. His subjects range from colorful scenes of the local landscape to music and surfing influences.

Mario Torroella's art is closely associated with the Cuban exile experience and has become well known in the broader inter-national Cuban diaspora. He began exhibiting his art in 1962 following an invitation by the prominent Puerto Rican art critic, professor, Ernesto Jaime Ruiz de la Mata at the museum of the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras. Torroella has since participated in over 40 individual and group exhibitions through-out his career in the United States and Europe. 

Robin Wessman

Robin Wessman is a contemporary realist artist who paints a variety of subjects that have potential for a shared experience with viewers. His still life paintings offer a different view of common ordinary objects using humor and imagination to create narratives that challenge the viewer. His paintings are a reaction to the environment he lives in on Cape Cod and how he feels about the world around him. They are fueled by imagination, experience and a continuous drive to create paintings that have the potential to go beyond the obvious and inspire viewers to see more than an accurate depiction of the subjects. His technical craftsmanship along with emotion and implied narratives is what makes his paintings unique. Every painting seeks to seize the viewer's immediate attention and hold them long enough to think or feel s ome connection that gives them pleasure.

Kenneth Hawkey
Kenneth Hawkey’s representational approach to painting makes familiar and even unfamiliar places accessible, comfortable and allows the viewer to easily relate to the work. "In my work, I am drawn to historic, nostalgic, endangered and visually pleasing environments and architecture. I carefully study my subjects to better understand and appreciate them and paint with a clear precise eye to enliven each subject, but carefully navigate toward a muted and atmospheric quality of light. I am fortunate that early learning encouraged me to find my own way and use processes and applications that suit my temperament and style and helped me to grow into my own artistic identity.”

Larkin Gallery Artists  

Until 9 on Fridays in season.

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Harwich Port

Exhibit Schedule
Harwich Port 2022

See a rotation of most of Larkin Gallery's featured artists' work on exhibit at our 
Harwich Port location.


New work arrives continually and exhibits change regularly within Larkin Gallery's  five rooms and display windows.

Other special features include:

            Wendy Allen Pottery

            Fascinating assemblages by 
            Eileen Grady

​            Gary Urgonsky's Driftfish Series

            Neva Hansen's Construction Art             and unique canvas stretching and             paint application that experiments 
            with light and shadow


            Vintage Housewares

            Small works

            Robin Wessman Still lifes

            Kenneth Hawkey Landscapes


Larkin Gallery Harwich Port
and Larkin Gallery Provincetown
are open year-round.

Harwich Port