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Exhibition Schedule 2021

April 1- May 25, 2021
Our gallery artists use their signature styles while interpreting the subject of this show.

May 26 - June 21, 2021
Red is featured in this show by our Gallery Artists 
Robert Birbeck, Matthias Christensen, Neva Hansen,
Tighe Hanson, Kenneth Hawkey, Jane Manco, 
Axel Stohlberg, Adam Bruce Wentworth & Robin Wessman.

June 18-June 30, 2021
Catherine Meeks
Catherine Meeks paints Cape Cod and the Islands, 
Greater New England, Italy, France and other spectacular places of interest and beauty that inspire her. In addition to 
her cityscapes, landscapes and waterscapes, Meeks 
creates “interior” paintings that suggest a style of living 
that is infused with grace and charm.

July 2-July 14, 2021
MATTHIAS Christensen
MATTHIAS’ distinctive painting style has helped establish
him as a highly collected and sought-after artist. His style, masterful use of color, subject matter, often local, familiar places always with the influence of the sea, and his unique application make MATTHIAS’ work always exceptional.

July 15-July 28, 2021
Robin Wessman
Robin Wessman continues to impress with his fascinating 
take on the genre of still life painting. With a twist. There is always a bit of humor, an unusual perspective, juxtaposition that captures the imagination and inspires the viewer to think outside of the box while appreciating the masterful painting skills Wessman so clearly exhibits.

July 30-August 10
Elisabeth Pearl
The always interesting work of Elisabeth Pearl takes
us in a fascinating new direction with this season’s exhibit. 
The new work, a series of paintings “discovered” by the artist starting from a black wash that are painted out 
and reveal still life, figural and imaginative subjects
will stir the viewer’s imagination. 

August 13-September 1, 2021
E N N E T H   H A W K E Y
 Kenneth Hawkey’s hauntingly beautiful and soulful expressions of history, recollection, place, especially Cape Cod, are on full display in this season’s exhibit of his latest works celebrating the unique light and unsurpassed beauty
of Cape Cod. Hawkey’s landscapes take the soul to new heights while his architectural paintings are so much more
than depictions of buildings in their environs; they invite
the viewer inside, suggesting recent and ongoing
activity that help tell the story of the work.

September 3-September 14, 2021
Tighe Hanson
Tighe Hanson, one of Cape Cod’s most fascinating painters, combines abstraction, storytelling, plain-as-day images, 
mixed media, collage and comes up with what can 
sometimes, at first, seem discordant or differently-focused images but, as we let ourselves slip into the work, we
find humor, sense and the artist's vision of order. 

September 3-September 14, 2021
Mario Torroella
In explaining his art, Torroella has stated “I paint in order to communicate and/or alleviate an alienation brought about by coming from where extreme beauty and natural abundance have been the backdrop for a society which has often erupted in self-violence, thus causing great sorrow to all concerned” in reference to his Cuban cultural and upbringing, as well as his experiences with the Cuban Revolution and its lingering impact on his life in the United States. Mario Torroella draws on his Cuban roots to celebrate the Caribbean hues, themes and subjects that bring so much light and power to the canvas. His undersea creatures are alive, entwined often with dry land flora, merging the two worlds in an amazing celebration of color and form.

September 17-October 4, 2021
Neva Hansen
Neva Hansen has been painting for over seventy years
and her body of work comprises an astounding breadth
of art from portraiture and still life and landscape to collage, three dimension constructions and installations. Hansen’s
work has been exhibited in galleries and museums around
the United States and we are honored to have the
opportunity to be among those fortunate venues.
Curating a Hansen exhibit is a gift.

           October 2021                
Group Show Featuring
Kenneth Hawkey and Robin Wessman
and Small Works by Gallery Artists

Kenneth Hawkey's Cape Cod landscapes of light, color, 
clouds, still waters and waving grasses and his small town 
architectural paintings of windows and structure highlight his interests in eco and historic preservation.

 Robin Wessman's still-life paintings deliver much more than the accomplished depiction  of form, color, texture and composition. What we see is life, movement, humor and magic in what is really not so still. 

Small works by many gallery artists will also be presented.

November 2021
Larkin Gallery Artists Group Exhibit

For November, Larkin Gallery Provincetown offers a combination of work by Gallery artists reflecting a variety of influeneces from classical traditions and studio painting to the Cape Cod School and plein air painting. 
Small sculptures are also featured.


December 2021
Larkin Gallery Artists Group Exhibit

Gift ideas, new works and remaining highlights from the past season are presented in this eclectic mix in a variety of media.


Larkin Gallery Provincetown
and Larkin Gallery Harwich Port
are open year-round.


Harwich Port

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Exhibit Schedule
Harwich Port
November and December
Exhibition  2021

See a rotation of most of our featured artists' work on exhibit at our 
Harwich Port location.

New work arrives continually and exhibits change regularly within our five rooms and display windows.

Great local art gift ideas!

Special features this season include:

            Wendy Allen Pottery

            Fascinating assemblages by 
            Eileen Grady

​            Gary Urgonsky's Driftfish Series

            Neva Hansen's Construction Art             and unique canvas stretching and             paint application that experiments 
            with light and shadow


            Vintage Housewares

            Small works

Larkin Gallery Harwich Port
and Larkin Gallery Provincetown
are open year-round.

Harwich Port