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HomeArtistsExhibition ScheduleArchivesDirector's Notes

Exhibition Schedule 2023

Open daily 9-5  

Larkin Gallery Provincetown will exhibit works by all gallery artists throughout the fall of 2023.

2023 in review:

January to May 24
Group exhibits with Gallery Artists

May 24 to June 1
Kenneth Hawkey 
with Gallery Artists
Season Opening: Friday 6:00pm May 26

June 1 - June 21
Gallery Stroll: Friday 7pm June 2
MATTHIAS Christensen
Elizabeth Lazeren
Catherine Meeks

June 23 – July 5 
Adam Bruce Wentworth
Reception: Friday 7:00pm June 23
Using an alternative set of icons, the human and deeply personal aspects of being are contrasted with the sterility of the digital age, the pressures to conform to a standard of thinking, living and consuming, ultimately, the betrayal of our essential nature as individuals within the larger scheme of life.

July 7 - July 12
Ellen Llewellyn 
Reception: Friday 7:00pm July 7 
There are storms in Llewellyn’s painting, whether she’s painting actual storms that evoke the intense power of the elements or portraits that show the psyche exploding from her subjects. Scale, power and dramatic impact leap from the canvas in Llewellyn’s most impactful work yet.  

July 14 – July 26
Rebecca Gmucs
Reception: 7:00pm Friday July 14
Rebecca Gmucs is an painter who loves to paint Cape Cod and just about anything else. Her new works explore the figure in a landscape in a simplified, almost printerly form. This is no surprise, she started out as a print-maker – falling in love with the silkscreen process in high school.

July 28 – August 2
Tighe Hanson
Reception: Friday 7:00pm July 28
My paintings are non-representational, with representational elements, often using a grid. Using a grid eliminates too much thinking about the composition or meaning. There is a contrast between the systematized squares and the looseness of the painting; between abstraction and realism, the programmatic and the unplanned. Sometimes each square is painted separately, sometimes the entire painting is done in one shot.  

August 4 – August 16
Robin Wessman
Reception: Friday 7:00pm August 4
Wessman’s unique still life paintings offer a different view of common ordinary objects using humor and imagination to create narratives that challenge and delight the viewer. His mastery of the medium is evident in every painting; his work turns the ordinary into the extraordinary.
Image: That’s Cool

August 18 – September 6
Kenneth Hawkey
Reception: Friday 7:00pm August 18
My art is an expression that comes from experimenting with ideas and histories and futures. As a visual artist I create as a way to both share what I know, what I am learning and experimenting with and ultimately what I may have learned combined with a insightful need to engage others in the hope that the work might provide thoughtful reaction, discussion and a fulfilling experience for the audience. Hawkey’s brilliant use of light celebrates the rich artistic history that Cape Cod represents.

September 8 –September 20
Elizabeth Lazeren   
Reception: 7:0pm Friday September 8
When working my canvases, I use memory, experience, and imagination. My paintings have a clarity of mood, but a vague sense of place. Thinking that less is more, I distill an image in my mind while I'm painting it. I choose elements of painting that are "signature" components of my work: strong use of obliqes, tonal color, transparent layers, a solitary feeling and big energizing skies. The painting process is a journey of choices.
Image: Hidden Gem

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Exhibit Schedule
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Larkin Gallery Harwich Port
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