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Byrne Marston   1932-2022
Byrne Marston (b.January 12, 1931, N.Y.C,) painted in oils and watercolors for many years, more intently since retiring in 2000 after a long career in medicine as an obstetrician-gynecologist. He has been associated with The Cape School of Art since the 1980’s where he learned color theory by taking many work-shops and by association with artist-friends in the Provincetown art community. An avid artist throughout his life, Byrne enjoyed these workshops with noted artists and honed his craft of plein air painting, capturing the light and landscapes of Florida, Cape Cod and France. His water color and oil paintings have been exhibited in galleries in Tampa, St. Petersburg and on Cape Cod in Provincetown. Marston is the son of William Moulton Marston, creator of the super heroine, Wonder Woman and the polygraph test.

Truro, February Snow     watercolor
Ryder Beach      watercolor
Provincetown, East End Beach     watercolor
Brush Hollow, Ballston Beach     oil on panel     9 x 12"
(Red and Green)

It is with the deepest sadness that we must share the news that one of Larkin Gallery’s great artists and dear friends, Byrne Marston, has died. His long life is one of the amazing stories in American history. Dr. Marston had a distinguished career as a medical practitioner, an early family history that included some of the most influential people and experiences that shaped the twentieth century. His art, which he so enjoyed making and sharing, brought great beauty to light, in celebration of the places he loved and called home, the people he encount-ered and im-agined and often in his work you can catch the twinkle of his eye in the subtle but kind humor that imbues his human subjects. Byrne’s love for life, for Audrey, his beloved, his family and friends was evident in his every word and inflection and, indeed, in every brushstroke. His work will endure, his charm and glad em-brace of the wonders of this world will delight generations of art lovers for years to come and make his passing at once more poignant for those who loved him and his art and easier to manage knowing we have his tre-mendous body of work to sustain us as we mourn our loss.
Ballston Beach, Truro, June     watercolor
Cape Cod Roses     watercolor
Vessels and Fruit   oil   Cape Cod School
Brush Hollow, Ballston Beach   oil on panel     9 x 12"
(Yellow and Blue)