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Neva Hansen,  Provincetown Artist, returns to Larkin Gallery with a 50 Year Retrospective. The exhibit will highlight selections from key periods in her development as a Sculptor, Fiber Artist and Painter. Hansen considers herself, first and foremost, a Painter. Her influences can be traced back to early childhood and include skills conferred by her parents: her mother was a skilled seamstress, her father a carpenter. 

Beyond the basic mechanics of her work, some of which suggest complex engineering capabilities, Hansen’s work has been influenced by art through history and profoundly informed by literature, myth, history - ancient and modern - the mysteries of the solar system as well as a finely tuned, beautifully articulated inner voice that all combines to brings life to an amazingly well developed, keen imagination. The exhibit represents a mere fraction of the work created by this prolific and gifted artist whose work stands the test of time brilliantly and offers to the viewer an exciting and energizing peek into not simply one Artist’s contribution to the development of Modern and Contemporary Art, but into one of the richest, seemingly boundless pools of creative energy conferred to a visual artist in our time. 

                                                                                                        - Stephen M. Briscoe
                                                                                                                       Gallery Director
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Larkin Gallery Director's Notes: Neva Hansen's 50 Year Retrospective