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 Emilie Walker  1924-2022

Looking Through     14 x 18  (Private Collection)                      
Olden Times 16 x 20   (Private collection)                                 
Emilie Walker at Post Office Gallery, North Truro, MA, 2012
Emilie Walker as painted by her husband,
Samuel Edmund Oppenheim in 1956 
Still Life     9 x 12  (Private collection)
                                                         In Memory of 
                                                                               Emilie Walker (1924-2022)

                                                                                            Painting Provincetown since 1950

                                                                                                            Emilie Walker, an artist who had lived and                                                                                                             worked in Philadelphia, New York, Naples,                                                                                                                  Florida and Provincetown, received her                                                                                                             Bachelor of Arts degree from Beaver College                                                                                                             where she majored in fine arts. She also                                                                                                             studied at the Print Club in Philadelphia, at                                                                                                             the Art Students League in New York with                                                                                                             Reginald Marsh and in New York with her late                                                                                                             husband, the renowned artist Samuel Edmund                                                                                                             Oppenheim.

                                                                                                            Walker exhibited regularly in Provincetown,                                                                                                             Massachusetts since 1950 and in Naples,                                                                                                             Florida since 1973. In addition to Larkin                                                                                                             Gallery, Inc., she  exhibited in the Fisher Gallery in Washington, D.C., the Charles Pace Gallery in Houston and the distinguished Miller Gallery in Cincinnati, Ohio.

"Rather than just painting what I see, I like to have a certain feeling about it that might be an air of mystery. It's personal, but others respond, maybe without understanding why they do."
​                                                                                                                                                 Emilie Walker

This page is dedicated to the memory of Emilie Walker Oppenheim. 
The images shown are in private collections.
Artists Bonnie Brewer, Emilie Walker, Kenneth Hawkey and Gallery Associate Joan Barron 
Post Office Gallery, North Truro, Massachusetts, 2012
Emilie Walker Oppenheim in her studio on Commercial Street in Provincetown                                                                                                
Larkin Gallery Exhibit Invitation 2012
Larkin Gallery Exhibit Invitation 2013
Larkin Gallery Exhibit Invitation 2012

Truro Library Exhibit with Kenneth Hawkey 2015
The studio at 402 Commercial Street, Provincetown, Massachusetts