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HomeArtistsExhibition ScheduleArchivesDirector's NotesEdith Lake Wilkinson

K E N N E T H   H A W K E Y
Moon Pond Meadow     oil/canvas     4 x 12"
The Way the Clouds Came In  oil/canvas    24 x 36"
Boats on the Pamet   oil/canvas   15 x 30"
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TRACT OF LAND   oil on linen   20 x 24
SPRINGTIDE   oil on linen   20 x 30   Cape Cod Museum of Art Juro Award    SOLD
POND VILLAGE   oil on linen 20 x 20"
BARN   6 x 6   oil/canvas
Outside the House   oil on canvas   12 x 16"
BANK STREET CORNER   oil on canvas   12 x 16
BENDS and BOWS   oil on canvas
House on High Head   oil on canvas   12 x 16"
REFUGE   oil on canvas  20 x 24"
River Shores, oil on canvas, 24 x 36"
An Hour Until Dusk, oil on cqnvas, 24 x 36"
Wandering, oil on canvas,  24 x 30"
AT GREAT HOLLOW oil on canvas  11 x 14"  SOLD
Old Harbor Station, oil on canvas,  12 x 16"
​"The essence of my creativity in each new project or series I embark upon grows from a combination of life experiences, artistic experiences, methods, trials and errors, disciplines and style. All of these serve as the tools I use to find and release my creative self and show my sensibilities in a natural and organic way. Themes in my work, now and in the past have been the beauty of the earth including the light and its seasons, history as we know it, the preservation of nature, the preservation of man-made symbols and relics, the importance of fact and the understanding that when something is gone it remains gone." 
On Joe's Pond   oil/canvas     24 x 36" (detail)
Isle of the Cayugas, oil/board, 5 x 7"
Isle of the Senecas, oil/board, 5 x 7"
In the Midst Of , oil/canvas, 24 x 30"
Old King's Highway   oil/canvaas   8 x 24"
Between Water and Sky    oil /canvas    30 x 24"
Harbor Channel   oil /canvas    12 x 16"
Afloat  oil/canvas     16 x 20"
At the Window   oil/canvas     12 x 16"
Blind Windows   oil/canvas     12 x 16
Harbor and Sky  oil/canvas   12 x 16"
The Road Back    oil on canvas    30 x 24"
Low Tide Shoreline   oil on canvas   8 x 16"
Just a Whisper   oil on canvas   8 x 24"