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In the Image of a Country Store     oil/canvas     20 x 20
Boats on the Pamet     oil     15 x 30
At Anchor   oil     16 x 20
House and Cottage     oil     20 x 24
Springtide     oil     20 x 30
Tract of Land     oil     20 x 24
Dune View, Beach Point    oil     22 x 28
Just a Whisper    oil/canvas     8 x 24
Pond Village Ice House    oil /canvas     20 x 20
Twin House Garden     oil/canvas     36 x 24
MINIATURES     oil or watercolor      click to enlarge
Top Floors    oil/canvas     30 x 40
Northside Shade   oil   30 x 20
Truro Highlands   5 x 7   oil/board
Barn   6 x 6   oil/canvas
Eastern red Cedars I   4 x 6   oil/canvas
Eastern Red Cedars II   4 x 6    oil/canvas
WHARF Watercolor Miniature
Ceadar Meadow-Watercolor
Seaside path- Watercolor
"The essence of my creativity in each new project or series I embark upon grows from a combination of life experiences, artistic experiences, methods, trials and errors, disciplines and style. All of these serve as the tools I use to find and release my creative self and show my sensibilities in a natural and organic way. Themes in my work, now and in the past have been the beauty of the earth including the light and its seasons, history as we know it, the preservation of nature, the preservation of man-made symbols and relics, the importance of fact and the understanding that when something is gone it remains gone." KH
Side Street     oil/canvas    12 x 12"
Blind Windows    oil/canvas    12 x 16"
Two Glass Panes   oil     16 x 12"
Called It a Night     oil     20 x 24