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HomeArtistsExhibition ScheduleArchivesDirector's NotesEdith Lake Wilkinson

Lauren Wolk
Angel of the Bluebirds        Mixed Media Assemblage
Mermaids Curio Cupboard        Mixed Media Assemblage
"Everything deserves to be useful. Even “junk” deserves a second chance. I have found that discarded materials, even bits of rusted metal found in the gutters and shards of broken glass, can be beautiful in the right setting, the right context, and in the company of other things lost or overlooked. It is a challenge and an adventure to assemble such materials and make them into art that is interesting, beautiful, whimsical, sometimes functional, sometimes ornamental, always better than it was before its second incarnation. The world is full of unappreciated materials that belong not in a landfill but in a unique creation that has a place in someone’s life, a story to tell, and a contribution to make."                                                   Lauren Wolk

Lauren is an award-winning author of young adult fiction.                                            Her well-recived books include:
                Echo Mountain
                Beyond the Bright Sea 
                Wolf Hollow

Atlantic Angel      Mixed Media Assemblage