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HomeArtistsExhibition ScheduleArchivesDirector's NotesEdith Lake Wilkinson

Mario Torroella   Summer 2022 Exhibit July 29 - August 3
Rooster with purple   oil on canvas   20 x 16
Rooster with hand print    oil on canvas   20 x 16 
Portuguese Man  o' War      oil on canvas   20 x 16 
White Flamingo Flower      oil on canvas   20 x 16 
Blue Fish     oil on canvas   18 x 24
Large Spiny Lobster     oil on canvas   18 x 24
In explaining his art, Torroella has stated “I paint in order to communicate and/or alleviate an alienation brought about by coming from where extreme beauty and natural abundance have been the backdrop for a society which has often erupted in self-violence, thus causing great sorrow to all concerned” in reference to his Cuban cultural and upbringing, as well as his experiences with the Cuban Revolution and its lingering impact on his life in the United States. Mario Torroella draws on his Cuban roots to celebrate the Caribbean hues, themes and subjects that bring so much light and power to the canvas. His undersea creatures are alive, entwined often with dry land flora, merging the two worlds in an amazing celebration of color and form. 
Starfish and Sea Horse     oil on canvas   20 x 16
Lobster     oil on canvas   18 x 24
Cod Fish     oil on canvas   18 x 24
Rooster facing left   oil on canvas   20 x 16
Great Egret   oil on canvas   20 x 16 
Red Snapper and Friends   oil on canvas   20 x 16 
Watermelon   oil on canvas    8 x 10"
Bananas   oil on canvas 
8 x 10"
Papaya   oil on canvas 
8 x 10"