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Neva Hansen

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A Quiet Day  c. 1963
A Lifetime of Work: Mid-century, Construction Art, Painting, Collage, Print Making

Winter Path with Trees     watercolor
The Plains     oil

Trees 2, wood cut print
Roseville, oil/canvas/construction
Table, oil on canvas, 24 x 18"
Still Life with Lemon and Oranges, 1960   
From the Beach   paint, canvas, frame costruction
Low Tide (1980) oil canvas 48" tall
Lady Murasaki, 1981
Dreams Go Wandering Still, 24 x 24 on constructed canvas
Watercolor Study: A Journey bty Water, 1988
Santa Fe Sunset
Sea Cabbage, mixed media with painted canvas strips
Casket 1963
Family 1963-64
Stars and Stripes Study, State Funeral Series 1963
State Funeral Series 1963-64    (click)
Cantalbert, 1960  wood cut print
Through the Door, 1963  
Mixed Media Construction Series 1980-2021
Neva Hansen has been painting for over seventy years and her body of work comprises an astounding breadth of art from portraiture and still life and landscape to collage, wood cuts, three dimension constructions and installations. Hansen’s work has been exhibited in galleries and museums around the United States and we are honored to have the opportunity to be among those fortunate venues.
Zig Zag                              3D adjustable painting
2D oil painting
Sill Life within a Still Life, 1962     oil     30 x 26