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HomeArtistsExhibition ScheduleArchivesDirector's Notes

Provincetown is home to the longest continuing Artist's Community in
the United States and Larkin Gallery is proud to honor that distinction
by presenting work by  emerging and established artists who uphold
the tradition of excellence in Art.  We're open year-round and ask you
to stop in the Gallery often as exhibits change frequently.
Provincetown Open Year-Round       Daily 9-5    
Harwich Port Open Year-Round 
OFF SEASON: Tues-Wed and Fri-Sat,  11-4, call ahead, and by appointment or by chance.
586  Main Street, Harwich Port, MA     508.487.3111
Larkin Gallery 
Harwich Port
OFF SEASON: Tues-Wed and Fri-Sat, 11-4, call ahead, and by appointment or by chance. 
Larkin Gallery Provincetown Open daily 9-5     Year-round

HomeArtistsExhibition ScheduleArchivesDirector's Notes

Harwich Port has long been a destination rich in Arts and Culture and Larkin Gallery Harwich Port is proud to honor that distinction by presenting work by emerging and established artists who uphold the tradition of excellence in Art.

Larkin Gallery is open year-round and we ask you to stop in often as exhibits change frequently. Established and emerging artists and estates are featured.

Browse in all five gallery rooms at Larkin Gallery Harwich Port to view paintings, sculptue, pottery, unique household items and antiques.


Sea life from Wendy Allen...
Jane Manco
Oils by Kenneth Hawkey

and work by all
gallery artists

Landscapes by Catherine Meeks...
June 6 through June 26
featuring new local scenes from CANDICE RONESI and
gravity defying work from ROBIN WESSMAN

Humor by Lisa Molyneux....
Laurie Alberts
Christine Anderson
Nancy Berlin
Leslie Breault
Andree Brown
Corey Brown
Steve Butler
Monique Cerundolo
Robert Curl
Joe Fattori

Ellen Llewellyn
Denise Lindquist
Caryn Liu
Rose Mamakos
N. Massari
Virginia Mayo
​Dan Meiggs
Phil Ouellette
Andrew Palladino
Rowena Perkins
Linda Peterson
Maxene Raymond
Candice Ronesi
Jody Shyllberg
Caroll Sivco
Will Sterrett
Marian Strangfeld
Mario Torroella
Alan Trugman
Eric Walker
Christine West
Timothy Crawford Wilson
Judith E. Zander
Director: Stephen M. Briscoe
Carol Flax
Jean Fogg-Brock
Elinor Freedman
Margaret Furness
Michael Giaquinto
Rebecca Gmucs
Kenneth Hawkey
Catherine Hess
Tom Wilson Jones
Alexander Kapetanakis
Richard Kattman
Serge Kyrychenko

June 9, 2024 – July 7, 2024

Art, as we understand the term, is at once personal and universal. It’s often too easy for artists to stay in their lanes with work, that closely parallels their personal narratives, their comfort zones. The challenge that we present with A DIFFERENT DIMENSION is for the artist to blaze a new trail to expand their minds – and ours, their talents, and abilities, to create a work of art that represents a parting from those comfort zones thus expanding their universe allowing the viewer to discover, along with the artist, a new dimension of the artist’s sensibility.

GRIEF by Carol Flax
9.5 x 15"     Collage/entirely cut reclaimed paper

POPPI FROM A TRAY  by N. Massari
30 x 23"    acrylic on canvas