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Provincetown is home to the longest continuing Artist's Community in
the United States and Larkin Gallery is proud to honor that distinction
by presenting work by  emerging and established artists who uphold
the tradition of excellence in Art.  We're open year-round and ask you
to stop in the Gallery often as exhibits change frequently.
Open Year-Round       Daily 9-5       Fridays until 9:30 in August
Let us help you find your new Cape Cod Home and then we'll help you fill it with Art! Stop by  and meet Christine Briscoe
Open Year-Round
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Thursday through Sunday 11-4 and by appointment
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​Open Wednesday afternoons and evenings, Thursday through Sunday 11-4, 
and by appointment.
Larkin Gallery Provincetown
Open daily 9-5 - Fridays until 9:30 in August

HomeArtistsExhibition ScheduleArchivesDirector's NotesEdith Lake Wilkinson

Harwich Port has long been a destination rich in Arts and Culture and Larkin Gallery Harwich Port is proud to honor that distinction by presenting work by emerging and established artists who uphold the tradition of excellence in Art.

Larkin Gallery is open year-round and we ask you to stop in often as exhibits change frequently. 

Browse in all five gallery rooms at Larkin Gallery Harwich Port. Paintings, sculptue, pottery, unique household items and antiques.
August 5  - August 17, 2022
Robin Wessman, Larkin Gallery Provincetown, 2022
Robin Wessman is a contemporary realist artist who paints a variety of subjects that have potential for a shared experience with viewers. His still life paintings offer a different view of common ordinary objects using humor and imagination to create narratives that challenge the viewer. His paintings are a reaction to the environment he lives in on Cape Cod and how he feels about the world around him. They are fueled by imagination, experience and a continuous drive to create paintings that have the potential to go beyond the obvious and inspire viewers to see more than an accurate depiction of the subjects. His technical craftsmanship along with emotion and implied narratives is what makes his paintings unique. Every painting seeks to seize the viewer's immediate attention and hold them long enough to think or feel some connection that gives them pleasure. 
Lime to Lime,  oil, 9 x 12"
Drive My Car,  oil, 9 x 12"
Storm in a Shotglass, oil, 9 x 12"
lemon Drop, oil, 8 x 10"
Lemon Kissed, oil, 12 x 12
Strawberries and Champagne,oil, 10 x 8"
Bunch of Grapes, oil, 14 x 11"
Blueberries, oil, 14 x 11"
The Look Back, oil, 16 x 12"
Brick and Feathers, oil, 14 x 11"
Hunky Dory, oil, 12 x 16"
Eye-to-Eye, oil, 8 x 10"
Sweet as an Apple, oil, 12 x 16"
The Interview, oil, 9 x 12"
The Line-up, oil, 8 x 10"
Schoolin', oil, 8 x 10"
Not a Drill, oil, 12 x 12"
Larkin Gallery is open daily, 9-5, and 
Friday until 9:30 during the Provincetown Gallery Stroll.